A collection of historical data regarding the Hadfield family.


The family moved to New Zealand from the Derbyshire village of Hadfield in 1862


The Hadfield Family 1888

Photograph taken at 300 Stanmore Road, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Photo - Joseph Hadfield (died 21/2/1883, aged 53)

His wife - Elizabeth Ellen Hadfield (died 6/9/1940, age 88)

Children - Clara Lucretia, Leonard Norton, Florence Mildred and Arnold Keith.



Planted in 1865 by Joseph Hadfield, this protected Weeping Elm is to be found at 300 Stanmore Rd, Christchurch.


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(Joseph) Alan Hadfield


The following is a copy of an article from "Our Guest" magazine, January 1980.

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Finally, the Hadfield Memorial in Barbadoes Street Cemetery, Christchurch, New Zealand.